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  • I’m a highly experienced, creative and flexible content specialist – from clever copywriting to big conceptual, social and digital ideas.

  • I’ve tackled all types of project, from pitching adventurous ideas to building groundbreaking websites, launching luxurious magazines to guiding big brands’ communications strategy and conceptualising bleeding-edge social media campaigns. These days I’m almost entirely digital, but can still run a knockout print project.

  • I’ve got recent, high-level agency experience, and I’m at home in all sizes of organisation, from lone wolf Shoreditch startups to global corporations like the BBC. 

  • I’m highly adept at handling clients, great at collaborating with colleagues, know how to run a team of any size from 2 to 250 and have a hugely successful record of hiring, training and mentoring future stars.

  • I’m very skilled at training, teaching, speaking and inspiring. I’m full of exciting, fresh ideas. I’m highly organised and superb at planning, scheduling, budgeting, researching, and focusing on the essential ROI.

  • I’m exceedingly modest. 

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